Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where'd everyone go?

Seriously, we've gone from 160 average daily readers a few months ago to about 90. Is it just 'cause it's summer? Or are people not digging what I've been doing lately? Are folks annoyed that Monkey hasn't updated since Christmas? What's the deal, yo?

Honestly, part of me cares about our reader numbers and part of me doesn't. I like to think that what I do (and, of course, what Monkey does when he does comics) is worth reading and that people would want to check it out, but it's sorta depressing when we lose so many readers. Part of it might be, of course, that my update schedule's been a little Piro-like lately, but c'mon, it hasn't been that bad (honestly, I've done more comics in the past three months than Megatokyo has in the past six).

I know it sounds like I'm whining, but I'm really not. I'm mostly just curious. Those of you who are still with us: what do you like about what we're doing? What would you like to see different? What could we improve/change/go back to to make things better? Seriously, y'all are usually pretty quiet, but I'd really like to hear from some of you on this. Drop a line in the comments or email me at crookedhalo42[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What I did on MY Vacation (significantly less interesting than Monkey's trip)

So I got home from Oklahoma last night. A week and a half visiting with family and some friends. I heard some good music, ate some good food, had some good conversations, played some pretty poor pool (turns out I am not a billiards pro, but a guy who did very poorly in geometry). I got to see all the relatives, hung out with some friends I hadn't expected to see, and got fed everywhere I went. Highly enjoyable, even if there was too much driving back and forth across the state of Oklahoma and up into Kansas.

Anyway, expect comics soon. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Veritable Burst of Creativity

So I got all the comics for the coming week and a half drawn this weekend, most of them on Sunday evening. It was a nice how fast and free the comics seemed to come, and the art was flowing pretty well, too. I've uploaded Monday's, and I'll put together and upload everything else in the morning before I leave for Oklahoma.

Probably won't have good internet connection while I'm back home, but I'll try to check in while I can. Try not to wreck anything while I'm gone, folks.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Internet was down at the apartment all night, so no comic despite the fact that I got one drawn last night. Hopefully we'll have a connection when I get home and I can upload it then.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Redemption Songs

Okay, got not one but two comics uploaded for Monday. I was going to set one of them as last Friday's comic, but I figured this was a better way to make sure folks actually got to see them both.

Now I probably need to go draw a bunch more so that there are plenty of comics to cover my trip to Oklahoma...unless I could get really lucky and get guest comics for that week and a half (yeah, right).

Friday, August 04, 2006


Comic delayed on account of me not being able to hold a pen last night. I went rock climbing with the school yesterday afternoon, and now I ache all up and down my arms. I'll try to get something done while at work and have a comic for you tonight, but I make no promises today.