Friday, April 02, 2004

The Once and Future Cricket

Welcome once more, my friends, to more Dim Bulb goodness. This week, we have the fight for total control of Dim Bulb beginning, which can be found in the Keenspace Forums in the "Forum Games" section. It's a head-to-head battle between me and the Monkey to see who the true ruler of Dim Bulb shall be!

More Fanart Goodness

Got a new little piece of fanart today from my good friend Beth, who contributed a little drawing of Earl the Archangel for our growing collection of pics of the quasi-official Dim Bulb mascot. This, I am given to understand, is what happens when one does not pay attention in a meterology class. The original is currently hanging up in my bedroom on my bulletin board.

Also, on a related note, we have this comic from the OU Daily done by James Nghiem (I don't even know how to begin to pronounce that). He's the guy who does comics on Mondays for the school paper, and decided to do a group portrait of the main characters/avatars of all the artists for the paper. It's got a pretty faithful interpretation of Simon there in the front row.


Got another comic or two you need to check out. First is Feyenne, a fantasy/adventure comic that's shaping up nicely with an interesting story and good art. Also, you'll note the addition of a link to Deity Permit, a comic I mentioned last week or the week before (I dunno, the past few weeks have all sorta run together). There's a link on the main page and the links page now to each. Oh, and we're also going to put a link on the links page to Netrek as soon as we can get a banner made up for him (or I can pester him into making one for us). I'll probably also make one up for OBRVS if I ever get around to it.