Monday, October 31, 2005

Real Life, only with more punchlines

So today's comic is based on actual events from my life over the weekend. 'Cept it wasn't my brother who was there, it was one of my roommates. Regardless, it's rather depressing that a good part of my weekend was wasted trying to fix something that took all of an hour to actually fix, when we finally got to working on it. Car repairs are the very essesnce of futility, I think.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


It was established back in the storyline that introduced Cletus to the group that legal guardianship of the genius hayseed was actually conferred upon Simon, not Jerome.

Yeah, I'm actually keeping track of my own plotlines and maintaining continuity. Take that, DC and Marvel! Bet you Superman and Spider-Man can't do that!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stumbling Along

Hey, how about that, a comic! Granted, I'm not sure everyone can see it. The domain name doesn't seem to be pointing to the site at the moment, for some reason, at least not on the computers at school. Might be an issue with Internet Explorer (in which case you should all be switching to Firefox anyway), or it could just be a problem with the domain name. I'll have to confer with El Monkey.

Speaking of the Loud Simian, I proclaim myself greatly pleased with the Zendariel sketches he came up with. It's always neat to see how Adam approaches the stuff I throw his way. We might try to put Zendariel up as a replacement for the rather neglected Troubled Times, assuming I can come up with a script for the concept. I've had a couple of aborted efforts sitting around on the harddrive of my computer, but never really anything I was totally pleased with. We'll see what happens. As much trouble as I'm having with writing Crooked Halo at the moment, though, it's not real promising presently.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fact is Significantly Stranger than Fiction

In order to understand Friday's comic, you really have to read this news item.

Yeah, totally true to life. I didn't make up anything, including the father's name. That's just too weird, I think.

But hey, it's Arkansas. This is the sort of thing they do there. Ask Monkey.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"What a Wookie!"

Chewbacca is going to become a U.S. citizen. Crazy. Did like his comment, though: he'll recite the parts of the citizenship oath he remembers, and "it will be a Chewie growl for the other parts."

In other news, working only two jobs is so much easier than working three.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just So You Know...

I'm very pleased with the art for tomorrow's comic. I think it turned out great, especially the third panel. You'll see what I mean. It's actually...dynamic, which is a big step for me from the talking heads I've dealt in lately.

In other news, I went ahead and broke down and bought Anansi Boys as well. I'd been planning on it anyway, but seeing Adam talk about it just sort of reaffirmed the need for it in my head. If it's even half as good as his other work, it'll be fantastic.

Friday, October 07, 2005

All Apologies

So, Friday's comic is my apology for the comic's updates as late. Yeah, that's right: I apologized for using filler by using self-insertion and breaking the fourth wall.

Anyway, I'm kinda sticking with the sketchy style for awhile, I think. I've been enjoying the actual process of drawing the comics again since I started doing it this way again, and it's also much faster. My art really benefited from the sketchiness last time, so I can only hope it does so again this time.

Monday, a comic that features no self-insertion. The fourth wall shall remain intact. Filler art will not be perpetrated upon the general public. Honest. There may be some making fun of drunken Eurpoeans "discovering" America, but that's just because it'll be Columbus Day.

Monday, October 03, 2005

"Kneel Before Zod!"

Proof that celebrities should not be allowed to name their own children.

I mean, honestly, between that and Chris Martin and Gweneth Paltrow naming their kid Apple, what's the world coming to? These people are making Frank Zappa's naming practices seem downright sane and normal (well, okay, calling your son Dweezil will never be quite normal, per se, and Moon Unit is a little too off-kilter for me, but you get the idea). Kevin Smith naming his daughter Harley Quinn is one thing, 'cause that name's kinda cute and consists of real names given to real human beings (it just also happens to be the name of a comic book character, that's all). But most other celebrities should not be allowed to make decisions like this that affect a child's future life. Really, if you're going to name your kid something like Kal-El, and your name isn't actually Jor-El, you have no business raising children.

What The?

Sorry that the comic hasn't come up yet. Comic Genesis is having some issues, so I have no idea when the comic will be updated.

In other news, I'm ready to throttle some of my students. No court would convict me.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Easy Target

Monday's comic will make fun of the band Creed. If this offends you...why are you visiting this site anyway? It ought to be clear to anyone who has read anything I've written that I prefer good music, like The Beatles and Dylan, to the dreck bands like Creed produced. I danced a jig the day they broke up. I actually have a theory on how they got popular: I'm pretty sure their combination of power chords, vocal histronics, and post-grunge cliches actually shuts down the higher functions of the brain, like the ability to recognize suck.

This will also be the second comic to feature the return of the sketchy style. I used this style once before to break out of an artistic slump. My work had gotten too static and bland. None of the characters felt right or dynamic, and drawing became a chore. The sketchy style revitalized me, adding a loose feel and some much-needed energy. It also allowed me to become a little more creative with what I drew and how I drew it. Admittedly, these two comics have still been pretty standard in terms of what I've done (mostly talking heads), but that will change. I promise.