Friday, January 16, 2004

Back in Black!, wait, I lie. Just back.

Still Jaded

Hey everyone. Today's comic (January 7) begins a short little stint of a cameo shot by Juno of The Jaded, as well as a quick little series featuring the remnants of everyone's favorite boy band, The Choir of Angels. Juno has a rather mysterious past, though it has been proposed that he is perhaps a former boy band member himself. Anyway, enjoy this little foray into continuity, self-referential humor, inside jokes, and the Juno guest spot. And special thanks to Ping for loaning me the character.

Bon Voyage, Clyde

Well, by the time you all read this, my brother Clif will be in France. For a whole freakin' semester. That's a long time to put up with a country full of people who still think hygeine is how you get sick. Anyway, I hope he has a safe and fun semester, and when he gets back in four months, I'm sure I'll have a whole backlog of songs for him to put to music.

Sounds of Silence

It's been awfully quiet around Dim Bulb the past few weeks. Understandably, of course, since most of our readership (as far as I know) is composed of college students, who generally return to the roost for Christmas break. I know I did for a week, and it was nice in a way. Of course, during that week, I didn't have a computer, because my mother fears technology and hasn't seen fit to replace the computer my youngest sibling took with him to college. But there's been next to no activity in the forum, and this is the first rant posting since finals week. But that's all gonna change, as we get back into the swing of things around Dim Bulb. I'm going to try to post something here at least once a week, if not more, and I'm sure the Monkey will occasionally surface to make fun of stupid people or the like.

One of the most annoying things about everyone leaving is that some people will never go back through the archives and check out the comics that came while they were away. I made some of my favorite comics during the break, including the Apathy comic and the two part "maybe they're just friends" set. They're comics I did way back when Dim Bulb was hosted on Tripod and was more just a repository for comics we'd done in the printed version than anything anyone would visit regularly. I always loved some of those comics, and wished more people could see them. Now, they can...if they'll go back through the archives.

"I Was Waiting on a Moment"

The other annoying thing about Christmas Break is that no one's around anymore. Most of my friends leave and go home for the break, as I did. But there's really no one around home anymore except my family. And while I love my family dearly, I can only stand so many consecutive hours with them before I'm ready to either string myself or them up. Wendy didn't get to come home this Christmas because of work (though she'll be around in February), and most of the rest of my friends from home are either cast to the four winds or I just didn't keep in touch with. It's just quiet and sorta boring, to be honest.

Thankfully, all that will change quickly. Two of my friends are already back in town, and I picked another one up from the bus station yesterday morning. On Saturday, another friend is getting back in to Oklahoma from far-flung New York, and I'll be at the airport to welcome her back with open arms and a ride back to Norman. So it won't be quiet for too much longer. Besides, if I get really bored, such as in between nearly every breath, I can always play more Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Mmmm, Tactics Advance...

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Count Your Halo

“If You Can’t Dream, Play”

Just a quick note--Adis ran my Count Your Sheep Guest Art over at his most excellent strip. Ping introduced the comic to me, and it’s become one of my favorites. I love its combination of whimsy and insight. It reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, in a lot of respects. Go check it out. For those of you who happened over here from CYS, welcome, enjoy your stay. We’ve got three separate comics running here, so take a cruise through our archive and get acquainted with Dim Bulb.

”So This Is Christmas”

Well, the Holidays are upon us. I’m heading home Monday, and will be there for an indefinite period of time. That means that it’ll be pretty quiet here (well, as quiet as it has been…we’ve neglected this poor main page rantspace way too much of late). Fear not--comics will still update as scheduled. I’ve already drawn enough Crooked Halo strips for the next couple of weeks. Adam will be finishing up Chapter One of Troubled Times this Saturday, I believe, and we’ll do a couple of weeks of Omake (written by the Monkey and drawn by yours truly) following that.

Get In The Car

Annoying story--my car got hit in the parking garage while I was at work a week and a half ago. This annoys me for obvious reasons, but mostly because I haven't even had the car for two whole months and some idiot business professor didn't bother to watch where he was going when he backed out of his parking spot. Thankfully, though, this story has a happy ending--his insurance is paying for it all, no fuss or hassles, and I've already found a place to get the work done. So that's good.

Return of Who?

So everyone's talking about Return of the King, I'm sure. I'm going to see it this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it, of course. I've yet to hear anything negative about it, which doesn't really surprise me. At least ONE great trilogy won't let me down this decade. *grumble grumble Matrix Re-crappy and Suck Wars Prequels* Yes, I'm bitter about what happened with Matrix Revolutions (I preferred Reloaded to Revolutions, though that's like preferring being poked in the eye with a blunt stick rather than a sharp one) and I can't stand what Lucas has done to my favorite movies of all time. But Peter Jackson...he understands what we want. He feels our pain. He has answered our prayers! He hasn't blown his proverbial load too early!

...Okay, maybe that last little bit was a little over the top. Sorry. Go read Count Your Sheep or The Jaded, why don't ya?